What direction is curation to take from now?
We asked 51 leading curators, directors, editors and artists of the art and fashion world to share with us their thoughts upon “What’s FUTURE CURATION?”
Currently the word “curation” is one coming to particular prominence in the pursuit of “a newvalue.”
Although strictly a term of the art world referring to the activities held within a museum for example, whereby work is organized through theme and context, it has come to rise as a word reflecting the age, an era which has come to emphasize the “search” and “collation” of the plethora of information available via the web.
And from now the act of curation, surpassing the notion of “editing,” is to grow as something essential in the production of a new vision, a new perspective on the world.

Translation by Miki Pamela, Momo Nonaka, Emma Ota, Ryosuke Kondoh, Haruko Kumakura, Yuki Okumura


We also approached members of the art world
with the following 5 questions.
Thoughts towards the intersection of fashion and art
About “curation” which is used in contexts apart from that of art
Fashion and art’s influence and reflection of our time
Fast culture’s affection
Axis of their curatorial work

*Due to author's request, we have refrained from posting
the interview online.