Illustrator / Painter Yoshitaka Amano

“I felt a futuristic movement in the works of ANREALAGE and drew my new works with the awareness of its world view.”


MODE FLOOR REMODEL OPEN EVENT Fantasy CoutureKunihiko Morinaga x Yoshitaka Amano

A special event that combines art and fashion to commemorate the remodeling of the 3rd floor of ISETAN Shinjuku Main Building. It brings together Yoshitaka Amano, an artist internationally recognized for his unique color sensation and touch, and Kunihiko Morinaga, a designer for the fashion brand ANREALAGE, whose conceptual style is becoming popular in Japan and abroad. These two creative artists have collaborated on the theme of “future fashion”.
We are launching ANREALAGE’s special capsule collection printed with Mr. Amano’s illustrations and other works. We are sure you will enjoy Mr. Amano’s world of fantasy and the display ranging from affordable items like T-shirts and tote bags to artistic handmade products, including works made especially for this event and some that have never been seen before in Japan.

  • December 5th ? 11th, 2012
  • The Stage #3 / Center Park at ISETAN Shinjuku Main Building 3F

Sale of Yoshitaka Amano & Kunihiko Morinaga collaboration products

T-shirts, tote bags, pouches, iPhone cases, etc.
* ANREALAGE “○△□” Collection and Yoshitaka Amano collaboration models
* Handmade items and Yoshitaka Amano collaboration models (both subject to change)

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Illustrator / Painter
Yoshitaka Amano

Formerly an employee of the animation company, Tatsunoko Production, he designed characters for popular cartoons and video games. His nuanced and original sense of color and his artistic touch are particularly highly valued overseas, and he has been expanding the sphere of his activities by holding solo exhibitions in locations such as NY, London and Paris.


  • Kunihiko Morinaga
  • Koji Hirano
  • Kaori Ikeda


Yoshitaka Amano interview by Koji HiranoIn my sense of the times, fashion and art are unexpectedly connected.? It is inevitable for people of these fields to work together.

Yoshitaka Amano, the world-famous creator of animated TV series “Time Bokan” and video game series “Final Fantasy”,
talked about his collaborative project Fantasy Couture in an interview with fashion journalist Koji Hirano,
who has been introducing Japanese culture through overseas fashion media.

You first met Morinaga san a couple of months ago, and already the collaboration has been completed.

Amano:I saw many works of ANREALAGE.? All of them are very futuristic.? A world where everything is in motion.? From his works, I am able to feel the future in motion.? It’s a world of wonder.

Morinaga san said that you and he could share a vision of the future world.? He was quite happy at having succeeded in this collaboration, though he believed it too ambitious for him.

Amano :Really? I’m happy to hear that.

You have drawn a new illustration for this project.

Amano :I have tried to express my vision of the world of ANREALAGE.

In the center is a whitish woman-like figure.? Around it, there are a lot of people and objects.

Amano :The center is a goddess, and in this chaos, the goddess is giving a relief to the people.? This chaos of evil spirits represents the present time, into which

the goddess is descending.? Everything in the chaos welcomes this advent with surprise.? (Pointing to the picture) Here’s a merry-go-round, which represents the time going around.? This piano indicates music as well as an image of taking time apart.

You called this chaos, but this is very beautiful.

Amano :Well, I knew this illustration would become a fashion piece, so I drew it beautifully (laugh).? But the color is beautiful by nature; especially the raw colors are very beautiful.? And again, look at the goddess.? The present era requires something like this, I think.? Everyone has his/her own goddess in mind, and wait for it to appear.

This illustration is already a finalized piece of art, but in this project Morinaga san cut this into small pieces, then reconstructed them to make new products.

Amano:Morinaga san and I have shared the process of this project, so I know what he is doing.? I love all of his works.

What’s your reaction to the ANREALAGE world?

Amano:Take, for example, a headpiece from the latest fashion show.? It was very colorful, looked like neon lights to me.? Neon lights are in motion and have a relationship to the flow of time.? In other words, the elements are time and lights of various colors.? Then I imagined a world of lights, where all is light that has not yet been given form.

I see.

Amano:They are visible, and moving.? When I saw Morinaga san’s works, I wanted to capture the moment of every movement.? I wanted to illustrate the world of lights in which everything resides before realizing its shape.

Like your illustrations, the works of ANREALAGE are done by hand, so they are very detailed.

Amano:: Yes.? My works are definitely by hand, too.

Clothes and drawings.? While they are different, spirits from both of you live within their details.

Amano:Drawing is the world of expression on white paper.? Without will, nothing

happens.? The will increases when drawing.? If you don’t try drawing, you never have fun. And this time, I happened to discover some unexpected things.

When you faced this canvas called clothes?? What was it?

Amano:I had an experience working on garments in a project of the magazine VISIONAIRE.? It featured David Bowie in a fashion story, and I did a couple of sketches for his costume.? It was very interesting.? Just like then, this collaboration was an enjoyable combination of both fashion and drawing.

Enjoyable!? Morinaga san said he was determined to wrestle with this project (laugh).

Amano:Oh, Morinaga san’s fashion and my drawings are different genres.? This collaborative project, despite the fact that we had the same theme, is something where each of us uses our own expression to tackle in each field.? I, however, have some experience with the fashion world, so I went in feeling relaxed.? Moreover, my role in this project is to offer materials in the form of drawings.? I am quite happy with whatever Morinaga san did with my works, with his sense of beauty.? I was always pleased to see what he came up with in this collaboration.

You have been widely active in the world through drawing and illustration as well as animation and character design.

Amano:For example, when I designed characters and costumes for the TV anime Yatterman in the 1970s, my inspiration was also from the 70s fashion in the U.S. by which I was influenced at that time.? In my sense of the times, fashion and art are unexpectedly connected.? It is, in a sense, inevitable for people of these fields to work together, as we did in this collaboration.

What does this collaboration mean to the current fashion?

Amano:Time repeats itself, in everything.? Ideas from the 70s come in, and tastes of the present are added…… fashion has its own cycle, although different things come in according to the times.

This time, your art work is something different from drawings, something that can be worn.

Amano :Certainly, clothes are for people.? Sometimes, these days, for dogs, too (laugh).? But drawing is not always for people.? It can be for androids or something close to human beings from the future.? In my work Candy Girl (SF fantasy story of a ranger fighter squad, part of Amano’s 60th birthday project) I could express another world, a world of another dimension.? Imagine everything is alive.? Designing from this viewpoint is interesting.

ISETAN Shinjuku store is a world-famous retailer.? All the fashion aficionados are watching how it will.? Your artwork will be introduced to many people in the form of this collaboration.

Amano:Yes.? I am really excited.? I am looking forward to the reactions of people who see my works for the first time.