Ready for the Weekend

Women brilliantly live today as a woman, wife or mother. We are proposing fashion, lifestyle and style for an occasion to give them more abundant daily life. Our editorial shop“Ready for the Weekend” with ninety brands newly opens at the space looking like a home where is the starting point and a timeless place you can relax more than anywhere else. There is a roomy communication space looking like a living/dining room at the center with a corner for denim and a shoes bar. We are providing customers more intimate and quality service.

  • From March6 (Wed.), 2013 〜
  • At URBAN CLOSET on the 2nd floor of ISETAN Shinjuku main building

※ Some items are limited numbers, so please pardon us for a possibility of being out of stock. Every list price is including tax.

  • Décolleté Shirt ¥15,750
  • Jacquard Pants ¥15,750
  • Cardigan ¥22,050
  • Bag ¥29,400
  • Family of Bears ¥4,200
  • Post Card ¥150each
  • Set of Towels for Gift ¥10,500


The theme is “Color Your Life”. There are items enhancing your daily life at PARK, such as the famous fresh juice and smoothie, seasonal flowers and sensitive gifts to make receivers smile.
There is also an all-time art space. We are proposing a place with art pieces blending into a daily life space where you stop by at the front of a juice bar crowded with people.

  • From March6 (Wed.), 2013 ~
  • At WEST PARK on the 2nd floor of ISETAN Shinjuku main building

Ray Kawamura / Buyer
“Ready for the Weekend”
At ISETAN Shinjuku

Mami Keenan / Owner of “Sky High”

She studied photograph in New York after visiting the U.S. She came back to Japan in 2006 and worked as a photographer for fashion, beauty and advertisement. She met raw food in 2009 and experienced a dramatically change of her constitution and physical condition. She wanted more people to know her experience with raw food diet that can change a person dynamically, beautifully and healthily. So she opened a juice bar “Sky High” in Aoyama, Tokyo in July 2012. “Juice Cleanse” offered by the shop is a big topic in fashion and beauty magazines.

Sky High

“You can see a juice bar everywhere abroad.
I wanted to offer Japanese customers it.” (Kawamura)

A juice bar produced by “Sky High” in Aoyama, Tokyo opens. “Sky High” is famous for their “Juice Cleanse” made from organic vegetables and fruits that is effective in detox. Eager to introduce Japanese a juice bar that is general abroad, Kawamura walked around with female staff to research and found “Sky High”. The owner of the shop, Mami says, “The secret of the gust is to simply stir fresh and seasonal organic vegetables and fruits.” There are standard/special juices and smoothies made from grapefruit, celery, kale, assai palm and others in their menu. The 100% RAW juice is nutritious well enough for your body and makes you refresh at cellular level. Please try it!

From left to right:
Detox Green Juice, Blood Juice, Sky-berry Smoothie


“We are offering fresh flowers as a fashion item.” (Kawamura)

A flower shop “Matilda” in Naka-Meguro, Tokyo leads a flower industry in Japan by the unique creation by the owner Mr. Kado as well as the attitude of reflecting an air and a trend of this time without being afraid of a change. This is the most developing store for them and it was decided because they share the feelings of Kawamura to offer a fresh flower as a fashion item. Flower vases in limited color and original eco bags are sold, which are only available here, in addition to the first trial to deliver a recommended flower arrangement monthly through a year. Putting the arrangement on your favorite place makes the space fresher. This is a special service for you to enjoy a change of the season.

The flower arrangement is just for an image.
The flower vases of “Cherry Blossom” color only available at ISETAN Shinjuku. ¥5,775/¥4,410/¥1,890

※A monthly delivery of flowers, 12 times a year, starts in April 2013, which is a limited proposal for the opening period. You can choose a course of \73,500 or \105,000. It will be delivered on a day from 1st to 10th every month.

角 浩之

Hiroyuki Kado / Flower Designer

Born in Shizuoka Pref. in 1964. After studying at a fashion college, he entered a company “Floral Vision”. He was mainly in charge of big sized flower arrangements for window displays and fashion shows there. The experience in those days makes him to say that flowers show the beauty when they exist along with a setting in a space and it affects a lot to his style today. He left the company in 1993 and founded “Flower Heaven”. His shop “Matilda” opened in 1998. A new collection brand offering a stage with flowers, named “KADO”, started in 2008.

今城 純

Jun Imajo / Photographer

Born in Saitama Pref. in 1977. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Photography. After studying under Osamu Yokonami, he became independent. Belonging to D-CORD. He works actively for ads, brand-catalogues, CD jackets and various magazines, such as SO-EN, BARFOUT!, ELLE, Casa Brutus and PEN, while constantly publishes his photo books. “I’m glad if people can feel relaxed or happy as looking at my photos”, says he, about this collaboration with us.


“Landscape photos by Mr. Imajo are really “art nestling close to our daily lives” (Kawamura)

Mr. Jun Imajo is a fashion photographer who works for magazines and advertisement. He has taken landscape pictures, as his life work, and the nonchalant feeling of a daily life in them are very fit to our new kind lifestyle shop “Ready for the Weekend”. So this collaboration was realized.
Photos by Mr. Imajo, shot season by season as changing the theme, will be shown through a year at an all-time art space in WEST PARK.
The theme of the first exhibition this spring is “Color of Flower”. Framed photos are exhibited and sold as well as daily-use goods copied the photos on, such as a pouch, tumbler, smartphone case etc.
The photos by Mr. Imajo, shot a nonchalant daily life respectfully with his loving look, can make your usual days something rich and special as they just being there.

Pouch made of canvas (L)¥7,350, (M)¥5,250, (S)¥3,150 / Mug¥3,150each / Smartphone Case¥3,990each

Thermo Mug¥3,675 (Not be seen in the above photo)
Pictures by Imajo are available, too. LARGE¥63,000, SMALL¥26,250