“SPURLAND” collaborated with a magazine SPUR opens for a limited time. We’d like you to experience the appeal as a part of “FASHION MUSEUM”, a concept of the grand opening of ISETAN Shinjuku after remodeling. You can buy T-shirts with logos and eco bags of popular brands such as KENZO or plampynuts, which are limited items for SPURLAND, in addition to special attractions by fashion brands such as a “Crane Game” or “Gacha Gacha”! Please enjoy the amusement park full of things you can’t see anywhere else, with the debutant in Japan, Garret Popcorn in your hand.

  • From March 6 (Wed.) 〜 12 (Tue.), 2013
  • At Center Park / The Stage#2 on the 2nd floor of ISETAN Shinjuku main building

※ Some items are limited numbers, so please pardon us for a possibility of being out of stock. Every list price is including tax.

“Crane Game”
Containing Special Goods of
A.P.C, Mint Designs and Others!

You are given a chance to try
Crane Game containing special goods of fashion brands
when you buy items of target brands
for more than ¥20,000.
Please visit SPURLAND after your shopping.

Limited Edition of
T-shirts and Eco Bags
Only Sold at This Shop

We produced simple T-shirts designed
for staff or eco bags with popular brands,
which you might see only
at exhibitions abroad.
You can’t buy any of
them anywhere else.

A New SPUR Fortune
Telling For
365 Days Here

Popular “SPUR fortune telling for 365 days”
in a magazine SPUR is powered up and introduced here.
You can pick up an augury based on a birthday of your friend or yourself for free.

Try “Gacha Gacha”
Containing Rare Items!

Our “Gacha Gacha” contains rare items of
fashion brands and good bargain mini kits
of beauty brands such as Addiction and RMK.
You can be satisfied with anything in them.
You pay only ¥500 a play to enjoy it.

Visit SPURLAND with
Popcorns, A Debutant in Japan.

A long-standing shop “Garret Popcorn” in Chicago
opens ad hoc, which debuted in Japan in this February.
Please try their standard “Chicago Mix” with a mixed flavor
of cheese & corn and caramel crisp. ¥1200 a can

Be A Cover Girl of “SPUR”
at This Event

We are holding an event that you can feel
like to be a cover girl.
Your picture will be collaged in the cover of SPUR.
You can also have a touch-up service
at the counter of cosmetic brands on the 1st floor
before your shooting. 
(¥1,000 per shot / there are cases to take time for touch-up service / shooting / printing)