“This is the first collaboration with ISETAN even though we’ve done business for a long time since my early collection.”



This is the 7th collection of Olympia Le-Tan who was born in London and raised in Paris. The theme of the collection is “7 INCH”. There are clothing and accessories inspired by music Olympia Le-Tan, who was a DJ, loves. The new bag looks like a record jacket and clothes and scarves have prints by her father, a famous illustrator Pierre Le-Tan. “7Days Handkerchief” named after the number 7 is sold only at ISETAN Shinjuku. A different kind of insect motif for each day is embroidered on a pretty handkerchief. You can enjoy it from day to day and it is also good for a gift.

  • March 6, 2013 -
  • West Park at ISETAN Shinjuku Main Building 3F



“7Days Handkerchief” is named after the number 7. It is a set of seven cheerful handkerchiefs. Letters, from Monday to Sunday, and embroideries of insects are put on them.

  • Monday
  • Snail

A Piece of Handkerchief ¥7,850/each

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Born in London, raised in Paris. She studied fashion by herself and then worked for CHANEL and BALMAIN before she founded her accessory brand “Olympia Le-Tan” in 2009. Her “Book Clutch” bag is well known to attract individualistic actresses such as Tilda Swinton, Natalie Portman, Clémence Poésy and Michelle Williams.

And the stop motion animation “Mourir Aupres de Toi” with her felt embroideries, created with a genius Spike Jones and Simon Cahn, was shown at the Cannes and Locarno film festivals.





Olympia Olympia

A designer Olympia Le-Tan leapt to fame for the “Book Clutch” bag with embroidery reproducing a cover of the first edition of literary work which attracted a lot of attention.
Her bag collection is carefully handmade one by one and having a view of the world, which is unique and romantic. It is known to have charmed individualistic celebrities such as Tilda Swinton and Natalie Portman.
Born in London, raised in Paris, she studied fashion by herself and then worked for CHANEL and BALMAIN before she founded her brand “Olympia Le-Tan” in 2009.
She visited Japan with her 2013 S/S collection and talked about her creation and an appeal of the latest collection.


At first could I ask you about your latest collection? There are pretty bags in this season, too.

The theme of 2013 S/S collection is music, which is inspired by jazz, blues, girls’ band in 60s and others. The title of the collection is “7 INCH”. It was named after my 7th collection and a size of record. The motif of Book Clutch in this season is music and book. Like the past collection, each design is limited edition, which only sixteen pieces are made. My birthday is October 16 and one adds six is seven. So the number of 16 is a lucky one for me. In this season there is a 7inch square bag, which can accommodate a 7inch record. The design source is a record jacket and you can use it as an evening bag. I designed it to fit to a costume of a girls’ band on stage.

A girls’ band really performed in your show in Paris.

Yes, they did. A fictional girls’ band of black girls were formed. They sang and danced along with music, and at the last Ronnie Spector of The Ronettes who dominated the 60s appeared.

I now understand how much you love music.

I love music in 60s. Especially the jacket design of Jazz records really fantastic. I can feel like being at home as listening the 60s music. I collect records so I often go to music stores in Tokyo, too. There are good ones in Shibuya, so I recommend them. I go to vintage record shops and always check over TOWER RECORDS.


Could you tell me about your collection of ready-to-wear in this season, too?

I wanted clothes looking good with Book Clutch so that I did styling as imagining a costume of girls’ band. Main items are girlie short pants and skirts with vintage schoolgirl-like stripes and pink. My father, an illustrator Pierre Le-Tan, drew the four kinds of special patterns for this collection. One of them is used for this scarf with my favorite things such as a jack-in-the-box, dice, trump, snail, rabbit, shoes etc. I’ve worked with my father for a long time. He designed my brand logo and also does the invitation cards for my show every season. The books on his shelf are of course the source of my inspiration.

Did your father influence you to start your brand?

I’ve liked drawing or making things since my childhood. Graduated a school when I was nineteen, I began working for Karl Lagerfeld at CHANEL as being suggested by my father and his friend. After that, I worked at BALMAIN and founded my brand. It was natural for me to begin designing bags and clothing.

With what book did you design your first Book Clutch?

The first one is “The Catcher in The Rye”. When I was a teenager, this book was popular as a cult so that everybody read it. I thought it strange and interesting idea to make a bag with this book.
By the way, my favorite one of Record bags newly appearing in this collection is The Drifters. This is a great work with fine broidery, which takes seven days to finish.


A special handkerchief, a limited edition for ISETAN Shinjuku, will be on sale in this spring.

ISETAN and I have known each other since my early days. We’ve done business for a long time but this is our first collaboration. There are seven kinds of handmade handkerchiefs and each one is embroidered a ladybird, bee or snail which is different for every day from Monday to Sunday. It is made of a traditional French fabric and a set of seven will be sold in the special box. Japanese girls use handkerchiefs more often than French. I love it so I thought a handkerchief fits well to this project. I also worked collaboration with LANCOME in this year. The Book Clutch specially designed contains a nail color and lipstick and others, only 100 pieces of which will be on sale only in the world. It will be sold in Japan, too.

In addition to bags and clothes, you produced a movie with a director Spike Jones in 2011.

Spike Jones is my friend. He asked me to give him a Book Clutch “The Catcher in The Rye” so that I asked him to make a movie in return for the bag. I was kidding but it became real. It is a stop motion animation titled “Mourir Aupres de Toi” with felt embroideries. It has a pretty story that a girlfriend of Dracula, Skelton, pops out of a Book Clutch bag and falls in love. It was shown at the Cannes film festivals as a premier and many other people watched the movie at NOWNESS.com (the site run by LVMH). It was very exciting project I enjoyed so that I want to produce a movie again.