I can always find something new through the collaboration with ISETAN Shinjuku, which causes a chemical reaction by touching ideas of other people.



We introduce “MUVEIL WORK” collection debuting in this season and 2013 SS pre-collection with a shop decoration, which seems calling spring.

  • January 2, 2013 ? 17th
  • Center Park at ISETAN Shinjuku Main Building 3F


1.Tops with Collar
2.Sailor-look Dress
3.Trench Coat of Gingham Check
4.Hunting Jacket, Limited Edition for ISETAN



It is basic and real clothes for women who look boyish in daily attire.
A new line “MUVEIL WORK” has started since 2013 SS Crews Collection, proposing coordination with denim or chinos as a leading part, which was a part of “MUVEIL”.
The collection has a monthly theme linked a daily culture wishing for being used regularly.
The coordination fit a real season is delivered.
The themes of the first collection are pajamas, marine, military, summer festival, tennis, and summer vacation.

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Nakayama Michiko

She is a designer of a fashion brand “MUVEIL”, born in Tokyo. After graduating a fashion school, she worked for an apparel company. She founded “MOSSLIGHT” in 2002 after leaving the company and then became independent.
She started “MUVEIL” with a 2007-08 A/W collection.
Her unique view of the world, which is a blending of feminine and poisonous character, became popular so her brand was quickly growing up as a representative of Tokyo.
She is today expanding the field of her works in addition the main collection, such as “MUVEIL WORK” focused on basic items, wedding and kids collection. 
The flagship store “Gallery MUVEIL” opened on Omotesando in autumn in 2012, where you can be satisfied with the world of Ms. Nakayama in a gallery-like space.



“MUVEIL” is a coinage with “muguet (a lily of valley)” in French and “veil”. A lily of valley means, “to wish people’s happiness” in the language of flower in France and veil means “to wish it in one’s heart”.
The familiar feeling in daily life such as easiness or calmness is expressed in the clothes and accessories through her view of the world and she wishes them to make people’s life special.
The “MUVEIL” is a wardrobe for adults with a full of elements, which are classical, elegant, and sometimes vintage-like, and has a quality fit for mature women and a play making them giggling.




“MUVEIL WORK” featuring only basic items starts in this spring /summer so that it becomes possible for the popular brand “MUVEIL” from Tokyo to propose the women’s attire from many angles.
The designer, Michiko Nakayama talks about “today” of her brand. She declares that it is the most important for her to make what she wants to wear.

How many years have been since the debut?
Has there been some change of the view of “MUVEEIL” world or the image of women as growth of your brand?

Nakayama:It has been five years. The concept of brand or image of women is not changed. There is what I want to wear at first then I keep a life-sized creation in mind.
I would like to design something to call happiness into women’s life.

You start a new line “MUVEIL WORK” in spring/summer 2013, apart from the main collection. Why?

Nakayama:The “MUVEIL” collection has included basic items till now, which are not affected by trend. I wanted “MUVEIL” to be more emphasis in theme so basic items cannot be included in the collection well. That’s why I decided to make a new line for them.

What is the concept of “MUVEIL WORK”?

Nakayama:The main collection is a creation seeking various dreams, while “MUVEIL WORK” is more natural or the one based on a daily life.
I would like to express something plus that I feel in the scenes of our daily lives, such as art or cooking…so that a new line has a monthly theme.
I am thinking to express a theme in clothes, a theme attached to our lives, as seeking something not unusual and based on women’s feet.
I want to propose something to fit to every woman’s wardrobe including with the main collection or vintage clothes.

What is the theme of the latest collection?

Nakayama:The theme of debut collection started in last November is pajamas. We propose relaxing clothes, which you can wear to go out.
I designed my own basic items from the different angle, as inspired by marine in December and by military in January.


It seems hard to find a theme for every month.

Nakayama:It may do. But I can create things more intuitively because of that short term. These clothes themed on pajamas may be delivered a little differently if they are designed several years later even on the same theme.
Myself will also change, I think.

Did a direction of main collection become clear with a start of “MUVEILE WORK”, didn’t it?

Nakayama:Yes, it did. I would like the main collection to be a creation especially for people who wear more unrealistic dreams. Of course it is a big prerequisite to be able to be worn but I hope I can produce it as seeking some theme to raise a feeling by wearing it.
I would like to think more of the fantasy as balancing it with “MUVEIL WORK”.

Then, tell me about the latest collection of “MUVEIL”.

Nakayama:The 2013 S/S collection was inspired by the movie “Super Man” in 1970’s.
Movies in those times have a lot of hand-made touches because techniques were on the way of development although they are full of fantasies.
The story is of course excellent. In addition to it, I felt a great deal of sympathy with making the best use of hand works to realize the world of fantasy.
So I started thinking if I could put the idea “future with hand-made feeling” on design or details like beads or embroidery.


I heard your pop-up shop would open at ISETAN Shinjuku in January.
Did you also design a special jacket for ISETAN Shinjuku, didn’t you?

Nakayama:Yes. I have done various collaboration works with ISETAN Shinjuku, such as wedding and kids line.
Touching ideas of other people cause a chemical reaction, if I can say, and I find something new every time like this project of jacket without spoiling our own style. So I always enjoy collaborations.

Do you think you like working for collaborations?

Nakayama:I think I am a kind of person who positively tries a work to make something interesting or happy to do.
I am stimulated very much by working with someone. If you are not happy to do, you can’t create anything nice.

Could you tell me a universal concept of “MUVEIL” at the last of all?

Nakayama:The name of brand itself expresses our concept. I created the name “MUVEIL” as combining “muget”(a lily of valley) in French with “veil” in English. A lily of valley is poisonous but beautiful, which is also a flower to be given with a wish of happiness. I would like the image of flower to reflect on my work.
I hope I will all the time create things, which have a charm with some poison and are a mixture of women’s sensitiveness and fleetness.