A beautiful work requires some time to be done. It is my belief not to rush into a new thing too quickly but to keep a beautiful quality.




The section of “Marie-Hélène de Taillac” was born at Re Style on 3rd floor of ISETAN Shinjuku main building as following the remodeling open.
On December 8th after remodeling, the designer Marie-Helene came to Japan and a “Personal Appearance” event was held at the storefront where she communicated with customers.
A lot of customers came to the store seeking a precious opportunity that a designer herself selected jewelry for them.
There was also a photo session with her message.
Seven kinds in all of “Precious Clover” in the clover series, such as a necklace, bracelet and pierce, are sold in advance at ISETAN Shinjuku.



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Jewelry Designer
Marie-Hélène de Taillac

She is a designer of jewelry brand “Marie-Hélène de Taillac”. Born into a distinguished noble family in France, she went to England when she was eighteen years old and gained experiences of jewelry, hat and mode in London. After that, she met the best of the best artisan in Jaipur, India so decided to go her way in earnest as a jeweler.
She places her atelier in Jaipur and has delivered unique jewelries.




She has published her collection twice a year since the debut in 1996, along with a fashion week in Paris.
“Marie-Hélène de Taillac” jewelry combined natural stones with 22-carat gold has an established reputation for the high affinity with fashion.
Marie-Hélène herself selects every stone to use and creates designs freely beyond the rule of existing high jewelry.
Every piece has a reference combining ILU (meaning “I love you”) and a model number.




Precious or semiprecious stones glowing beautifully and gold fitting well on the skin…
“Marie-Hélène de Taillac” jewelry is known as a must for a wardrobe of woman who loves fashion.
She gives her customers the highest class of joy to shop, attending to each of them intimately with love.
She who visited for the “Personal Appearance” talked about her new shop and a happy partnership with ISETAN and the customers.


How do you think about ISETAN after remodeling and about your shop opened along with it?

Marie-Hélène:I am amazed because it has a very bright atmosphere. The selection of fashion is also modern. I think customer want to buy something because of the great selection.
My section is at the very nice place. It’s just a corner but I am satisfied with having created a personal space with tall and lined-up shelves.

The showcase is decorated with blue feathers. Who directed it?

I asked my friend Marco who is a beauty journalist and works for Vogue as a freelance editor.
The presentation held in Paris in October had the same image as this. The blue of feather is natural. Airy and luxury…feathers seem to have a power of magic. They have a light secretly and well suit to jewelry.
Blue is also my theme color.

How was the “Personal Appearance” in your new shop?

Marie-Hélène:I held the first trunk show in Japan in 1997.
It was fifteen years ago and I have come to Japan many times since then, still I can enjoy it.
There are some customers who I meet for the first time, while others I have known for ten years.
I sometimes meet my past collection, which is from some archives my customers brought. This is the one of pleasures.

What did you talk with customers?

Marie-Hélène:About their family or what kind of jewelry they want.
Sometimes I propose something good for them if they can’t make their mind.
It is various for a woman what she wants time by time, such as when they have a new boy friend or fiance or bear a baby… I recommend jewelry after understanding her condition and it is the pleasure of this job to see that she looks happy as a result.


What kind of design is popular?

Marie-Hélène:Rainbow moonstones designed simply are generally popular but colorful stones such as peridots or pink tourmalines are also chosen at ISETAN.
Lip motif rings are the best seller of which theme is a gentleness and love.
The design is pretty that seems like kissing a finger.

“Precious Clover” is also on sale in advance as a memorial item of this shop opening.

Marie-Hélène:A clover is made by gathering four motifs, each of which has a shape of heart. We call it a “Clover of love”. There are seven models including a necklace, bracelet and pierce.

You visited IISETAN many times, so if you have any impressive episodes?

Marie-Hélène:I am surprised every time because there are things at ISETAN, which I can’t find even in Paris.
Caramels of “HENRI LE ROUX” from Bretagne are one of them. The shop in Bretagne is really small so I didn’t know it till I came to ISETAN.
The first thing I bought at ISETAN was a pouch made of Japanese cloth. I am still using it as a jewelry pouch because the texture made for kimono is lovely.

Following an opening at ISETAN, I heard a shop in New York would be completed soon.
Do you have any other project in 2013?

Marie-Hélène:I have been busy this year in many ways, so I would like to take my time in 2013. It requires time to do a beautiful work.
To continue long what I have done till now as keeping the quality… I want to hold it valuable.
Talking about the future, I want to make my book. My team is small and we would like to get on proceed as taking time for everything to keep the quality.
I think it important not to rush into a new thing too quickly.