Maison Martin Margiela PARIS

A concept shop of an annual selected maison will be open within one year at Center Park under the theme “The Edgiest Mode×Lifestyle”. The memorable grand opening shop is "L'ESPACE Maison Martin Margiela". From March 6 (Wed.) to April 2 (Tue.), it is proposing a lifestyle concept of the maison, featuring the furniture collaborated with Cerruti Baleri. A part of the furniture collection is sold only at ISETAN. Marking the opening of the concept shop, other limited items are sold, too, which are oversized AIDS T-shirts and vintage rock Ts. 


※ Some items are limited numbers, so please pardon us for a possibility of being out of stock. Every list price is including tax.


  • From March 6 (Wed.) to April 2 (Tue.), 2013
  • At Center Park on the 3rd floor of ISETAN Shinjuku main building


  • From April 3 (Wed.) to 23 (Tue.), 2013

Concept 03
POP-UP STORE of MM6 Maison Martin Margiela

  • From April 24 (Wed.) to May 28 (Tue.), 2013

AIDS T-Shirt ¥28,350
[Limited Edition for ISETAN Shinjuku]

Customized Rock T-Shirt Black42,000 / Brown44,100
[Limited Edition for ISETAN Shinjuku]

Maison Martin Margiela

A designer, Martin Margiela who was born in Belgium and based on Paris, France, founded the brand in 1988. It has various lines in the fields of fashion and other designs such as leather goods, shoes, accessories, fragrance, interior and furniture as well as their haute couture and prêt‐à‐porter collections. Those lines are numbered such as line0 for “Artisanal” collection for women, line4 for a wardrobe line for women and line11 for accessories collection for men and women, for example.
Martin Margiela is often said to be destructive, avant-garde and experimental. It expresses the creativity through re-born/transformation /re-interpretation. Martin Margiela has had enthusiastic fans around the world because of the style, which is free from the standard in fashion industry and excels a current of commercialism.
There is a famous “Tabi” boots that was inspired by Japanese traditional kimono style. It also became a topic last year that many people working fashion industry lined up at front of H&M shops around the world to buy their collaboration items with Martin Margiela.

Maison Martin Margiela PARIS