ANREALAGE Designer Kunihiko Morinaga

“I felt the same direction as Mr. Amano in the purpose of applying the extraordinary fantasy to the ordinary life.”


MODE FLOOR REMODEL OPEN EVENT Fantasy CoutureKunihiko Morinaga x Yoshitaka Amano

A special event that combines art and fashion to commemorate the remodeling of the 3rd floor of ISETAN Shinjuku Main Building. It brings together Yoshitaka Amano, an artist internationally recognized for his unique color sensation and touch, and Kunihiko Morinaga, a designer for the fashion brand ANREALAGE, whose conceptual style is becoming popular in Japan and abroad. These two creative artists have collaborated on the theme of “future fashion”.
We are launching ANREALAGE’s special capsule collection printed with Mr. Amano’s illustrations and other works. We are sure you will enjoy Mr. Amano’s world of fantasy and the display ranging from affordable items like T-shirts and tote bags to artistic handmade products, including works made especially for this event and some that have never been seen before in Japan.

  • December 5th ? 11th, 2012
  • The Stage #3 / Center Park at ISETAN Shinjuku Main Building 3F

Sale of Yoshitaka Amano & Kunihiko Morinaga collaboration products

T-shirts, tote bags, pouches, iPhone cases, etc.
* ANREALAGE “○△□” Collection and Yoshitaka Amano collaboration models
* Handmade items and Yoshitaka Amano collaboration models (both subject to change)

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Kunihiko Morinaga

A designer for the fashion brand ANREALAGE.
In 2005, he won the “GEN ART” Avant Garde Award in NY, one of the gateways to success for new designers. In 2007, he introduced a full-scale runway collection. This creative collection, based on a conceptual approach, was well-received internationally, and he evolved into one of Tokyo’s most famous designers.


  • Yoshitaka Amano
  • Koji Hirano
  • Kaori Ikeda


Yoshitaka Amano interview by Koji HiranoAmano san walks the royal road of art, and ISETAN, the royal road of fashion.? In this project, ANREALAGE will take a role of filling that gap.?

In 2005, WWD in the U.S. ran a story of ANREALAGE to introduce the cutting-edge fashion brand from Tokyo,
the very moment when fashion people in the world found a talented new ? age designer.? Fashion journalist Koji Hirano, who wrote the story eight years ago,
once again met with the brand’s designer Kunihiko Morinaga to reveal the backstage secrets of “Fantasy Couture”.?
The collaborative project has delicately proceeded for the past few months with Yoshitaka Amano, the world-famous painter and illustrator known for works,
including animated TV series “Time Bokan” and video game series “Final Fantasy”.

It’s the 10th anniversary of the brand, isn’t it?

Morinaga :Yes.? This fall’s collection was my 20th one.?

This time, you took part in a collaborative project “Fantasy Couture” with Yoshitaka Amano, world-famous painter, character designer and illustrator.? The project is part of an opening and renovating event of the Mode Floor at ISETAN Shinjuku store.

Morinaga :Our brand theme since we started ANREALAGE is “real” and “unreal”. That is, our quest is to apply unreal fantasies to real daily lives.? When I saw Amano san’s art pieces, I found that we could share a view of a fantastic and futuristic world, and we agreed to work together in the same direction.

How long have you been working on this project?

Morinaga:The first contact was in July, then we had discussions, and I started producing the works in mid September.

That was right in the middle of your own collection.

Morinaga :Yes.? It’s been a busy time.

It’s rare to see you in this kind of collaboration.? Your way of working is something like starting from scratch, spinning yarn and drawing forth the spirits dwelling within the costumes.? But this time, there is an additional layer of art from Amano san.

Morinaga: Amano san draws very fine details, too.? To keep the spirit in his art work alive, I took great care regarding how to cut the cloth and where to put parts.? I knew that careless repetition of the pattern on the cloth would corrupt his vision.

Tell me more about the project.

Morinaga:I used four illustrations from Amano san.? Three of them were from his archives and he drew the fourth one for this project.

How did you select three out of so many of his works?

Morinaga :We selected the three pieces together. For the new one, I brought collections and documents to introduce what I was expressing through clothes, for attention of Amano san.

You had only two months after the selection.? I can imagine that was a tough time.

Morinaga: There was no clear and obvious correct answer.? I had to understand everything of Amano san’s works, down to the zero bases, then to reconstruct them to different pieces.

Please explain.

Morinaga :I took apart Amano san’s illustrations into small pieces and, like a jigsaw puzzle, rejoined them.

It’s a very ANREALAGE style.? Did you talk with Amano san before you did so?

Morinaga:There were couple of other ideas... printing an illustration over

another one, or reducing the resolution... But finally we came up with an idea of patch-working, which ANREALAGE has been working on for a long time.

You had a different spirit this time compared to your solo designs.

Morinaga :I was determined to complete this project.? If I simply patch-worked the illustration, that is merely letting the flat textile stay in the 2D medium of expression.? So I decided to revitalize my ○△□ collection.? That’s a symbol of clothes free from the human body.? I also used the shapes as patterns of patch-working.

○△□ is the collection in 2009.?

Morinaga:Amano san and I talked about the future of clothing.? It may become something free from gender and body size.? Basically, clothes wrap the human body.? However, there are billions of people in the world and the present size variation never suits everyone’s body.? ○△□ is the collection based on a sphere, triangular pyramid and cube.? These never perfectly fit human bodies, but on the other hand, anyone can fit in them.? Through this collection, I wanted to propose a new viewpoint on fashion.

The stage of this project, the collaboration of two world-famous artists, is ISETAN Shinjuku store, the world-famous fashion retailer.?

Morinaga :Amano san walks the royal road of art, and ISETAN, the royal road of fashion.? In this project, ANREALAGE would like to take a role of filling the gap between them.? Art itself is not wearable, and simple fashion without any twist is everywhere.? There should be something between them.? That’s what I tried for this time.? The pieces of this project are not simply art clothes, but something that makes sense when worn on the body.? Originally Amano san’s art pieces are unreachable behind silver poles in museums, so it is unusual to put them on and feel the art piece in that way.? Putting them on makes people excited.? It is fun to bring Amano san’s works into the fashion world.

What kind of items do you intend to introduce this time?

Morinaga:Clothes, small goods and other products... there are many.? iPhone case, large and small tote bags, travel pouch, mug cup. T shirts, women’s dress, ○△□ collections, pen cases...

A wide variety of products successfully expresses your collaborative world vision with Amano san.

Morinaga:Fans of Amano san’s works may love having something rather than wearing them.? For example, people can share our vision by carrying a bag.

Collaboration is risky.? A single misstep may lead the whole project into either one or the other’s world.? This time, you and Amano san had an exciting fight and never compromised.

Morinaga :Collaboration is not something you can do in a friendly manner.? A view of the world both can and cannot be shared.? There has to be meaning in the collaboration.? Collision can give birth to something new.