Welecome to the FASHION MUSEUM

Where is the future of department stores going?
ISETAN has been asking it and trying to be changing ourselves. This grand opening after remodeling at ISETAN Shinjuku is one of our challenges to give fashion a new definition. The concept of remodeling of the entire building is “FASHION MUSEUM”.
We challenge a fusion of art and fashion with a spirit of a love and quest to the beauty. By the curation with a unique sense of beauty, we create the news, product and spirit of hospitality with a new quality.

Photo by Kishin Shinoyama + Art Works by Kohei Nawa

Covering closely a birth of muse of the next generation for ISETAN.

The main visual image was published, which symbolizes the grand opening after remodeling at ISETAN Shinjuku on March 6.
The image character of newborn ISETAN is a fashion model, MONA!
The image was especially shot by a maestro of photography, Kishin Shinoyama with art works by Nawa Kohei who is paid the most attention in art world by his pioneer works.

A director of this project was Shigeo Goto who has been in charge of creative direction of this opening after remodeling. And other leading creators also worked for this such as a hair & make-up artist Katsuya Kamo who is active in Paris and a chief editor of a magazine “Numero TOKYO”, Kyoko Tanaka for styling. We reported the making scene and update here.

The photo was shot on Dec.26 last year at an eccentric place; the atelier of Kohei Nawa named “SANDWICH” along by Uzi River in Kyoto. This is a renovated two-story building and was originally a factory of sandwich as its name suggests. The first floor looks like a workshop and the second floor has an atmosphere of office where are books and a personal computer used for 3D modeling. Mr. Nawa works here with his sculptures and drawing works.

The shooting began at nine o’clock in the morning in a small room on the second floor with lights from outside. Mr. Nawa made an artwork for this shooting, which magnified MONA by 1.2 times after 3D scanning her. The photographer shoots MONA who is throwing her arms around the figure. Mr. Kishin gave an instruction, as checking the light, about where the figure should be. This figure was unexpectedly heavy so all of staff works with moving it. Beginning the shooting, Mr. Kishin, who is a skilled and agile photographer, never missed a chance of a perfect shot. MONA responded it in a manner of a professional model. The shooting finished considerably early so we could go home without any problem.

「FUTURE CURATION フューチャーキュレーション」

Marking the grand opening of ISETAN Shinjuku on March 6, a visual guidebook will be published. It introduces how to curate a fusion of art & fashion and how to curate things and information around you. The book features a fusion of art by a maestro of photography, Kishin Shinoyama and a promising artist world-widely, Kohei Nawa as well as “Tokyo Fashion Story” by a fashion photographer Chikashi Suzuki who takes an active part in a magazine Purple.
It also includes messages about the future of curation from 51 persons who influence the current of the world of art and fashion. (Published by BIJUTSU SHUPPAN HOLDINGS CO.LTD on March 6, 2013. ¥1,400) /sold at ISETAN Shinjuku and other stores