The pop-up shop of Acne opens at ISETAN Shinjuku for a limited time. The Center Park on the 3rd floor of main building is artistically decorated with graphics of Hawaiian dollars that is a symbol of Acne in this season. The view of the world of Acne is produced with clothing and shoes of their pre-collection. On the 2nd floor a promotion event is also held featuring their shoes for a limited time. Be intoxicated in the world of the latest mode and art by Acne.


※ Some products have limited availability and may sell out.
All prices include tax.


  • February 13, 2013 - March 2
  • Center Park at ISETAN Shinjuku Main Building 3F


  • February 13, 2013 - February 25
  • ISETAN Shinjuku Main Building 2F

“ACNE PAPER” is given to the first 100 customers purchasing Acne items for more than \52,500 during the above days.


“Acne” studio was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1997. A creative director, Johnny Johansen is one of founders of it. It is a group of creators gathering from different fields with the passion creating a new expression. They have been active in the fields of fashion, design, publishing and advertisement as crossing them over. Their original magazine “ACNE PAPER” published twice a year is very beautiful like an art book and has been loved by creators and artists in Europe since 2005. Their many interesting collaboration works are also worthy to mention. They published a denim collection collaborated with LANVIN in 2008, for example. Their original collection is of course getting popular year by year, too.

Cut and sawn ¥14,001

Blouse ¥37,000
Other items are not on sale

Tank top ¥31,000
Pants ¥31,000
Other items are not on sale

Blouse ¥27,000
Pants ¥31,000
Other items are not on sale


For ACNE pop-up store opening, Jonny Johansson who is a creative director of the most “it” brand on the rise, ACNE, gave us a precious interview.

What kind of group is ACNE Studios?

It is a group of creators who acts in various fields seeking for a fusion of modern art and culture for youth, based in Stockholm, a capital of Sweden. Our atelier is at the historical building that was once a bank in the old town of Stockholm. We also have our ateliers in Paris, Copenhagen, Oslo, London and New York.

ACNE Studios was founded in 1997 with a concept of creating a place for ideas coming and going under the spirit of DIY. Since then we have been active in the creative fields such as fashion, pictures and advertisement, as crossing them over.
ACNE are initials of“Ambition to Create Novel Expression”, which has been our belief.

In those activities, ACNE as a fashion brand expands the business to men’s, ladies, shoes, accessories and premium denim. Appeals of them are original materials, craftsmanship and details supported by tailoring.
The brand was born with a hundred jeans as a start, which was a reward to our friends and family members for supporting us, and the collection of the brand debuted in 1998.
The brand received Swedish Elle Award in 2000 for the first time and then did the same award three times. It has grown to a brand that plays an important role for Swedish fashion development, enough to get 2012 Elle UK Style Award for Contemporary Designer of the year.
Now we have flagship stores in Paris, London and New York in addition to Stockholm where we are based. We opened another in Tokyo last December.

The first flagship store in Japan is named “ACNE Studios Aoyama”.
How was your impression for Japan when you visited for the opening?

Tokyo has been always a source of my inspiration so that it was the most prior dream in these years for me to open a shop in Aoyama.
I feel that Tokyo and Sweden have something in common, not only in fashion but also in architecture.

What was the project to have ACNE make great strides or the first international one?

It was a work with Vogue that was the first international project for us. And Japanese also has supported us so I visit Japan many times in these days.

Could you tell me your enthusiasm for this project with us including a pop-up shop?

I’m very glad to collaborate with you including William Wegman’s shoes. This is a very exciting project for us!